Fish Doodle Flow

Do what gives you flow, they say. But what do you do when what normally gives you flow, isn’t flowing? For me, little creative crafts like paper cutting and collage give me flow. I love getting in the groove once inspiration strikes and I can’t wait to carry out the little seedling of an idea. So it’s a little frustrating when that creative tap runs dry, and even worse when am feeling physically lethargic as well.

These little fishies were actually born out of a creative drought. This summer I wanted to try to practice painting more, but when I took up the brush a few days ago the results were disappointing. (As is natural when you try something new!) So I turned the page, and doodled some shapes and squiggles to use up the paint, and shut the ‘ol sketchbook.

Coming back to it the other day, I felt the urge to doodle on my painted shapes with my dip pen, and before I knew it, there was a sea of fish and guppy-like lil baby dot fish on my page! Feeling better, I decided to do what I do best and snip them out. And once they were all snipped out, they were begging to be animated.

As with all my little animations, after I put it together I see ten ways I can improve it or make it more interesting. But my creative flow is slowing returning and I am itching to try out new ideas, so I’ll post this now in case I don’t revisit it. Thank you lil fishies, for giving me back my flow!

EDIT: Uploaded with music:

Summer Doodle Fish

Posted as part of the Ragtag Daily prompt for FLOW.


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