Hi there! Welcome to my blog, A wonderful sheep. This space is my little corner of the Internet to share my interests, which are always evolving but usually include paper arts and crafts, upcycling, snail mail and journaling. I sometimes write about books and dabble in cooking from time to time.

I currently live in Seoul, Korea from time to time I will share about my day in this bustling city.

The inspiration behind the name “A wonderful sheep” comes from an essay about the kindness of strangers by Pablo Neruda, where he describes a toy sheep he received as a child. I wrote a little about it here, and how the story prompted me to take courage and open myself to share and exchange more with others.

I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts, and also pride myself on (trying) to be thrifty. Upcycling or repurposing different objects always gives me joy; it’s fun to stretch my brain and think, “now how can I create this without buying new materials?” I think the process adds another layer of creativity on top of the artistic one when working on something.

Another one of my passions is snail mail, especially postcards. My love of postcards comes from my parents–my mom is a collector and my dad is a prolific sender. Reading The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak reaffirmed how much postcards call to me; of all the lovely parts in this book full of Rumi’s poetry, my biggest takeaway was a short reference in the beginning to Aziz’s blog of postcards. After I finished the book, I tucked this postcards blog idea away in the back of my brain, adding to the to do list of creative endeavors.

Many moons later, Neruda’s story about his wonderful sheep encouraged me to start sending out my cards to strangers via the reddit forum r/randomactsofcards (RAOC) and later I also joined an exchange called postcrossing. (If you also are a snail mail or postcard lover, check out these sites!)

I have an Instagram where I share some of my latest creative endeavors, as well as a YouTube channel where I share more art, stationery and vlogs from Seoul.

Thank you visiting!