Seoul Stationery Guide

Welcome to my guide of my favorite stationery shops in Seoul. For each shop I’ve linked the official Instagram account and any in-depth blog posts (with more photos, hauls, and video tours). These shops often have varying opening hours and can move locations, so check the shop’s Instagram page for the latest hours/location information before you visit!

This is the Google Map of my Seoul Stationery Guide (Updated March 2023). Google Maps isn’t as accurate or widely-used as Naver or Kakao Maps, so would recommend using either of the latter two before you visit Korea.

GUIDE UPDATED: March 2023 (in progress)

Jongro (near Gyeongbuk Palace) / 종료, 경북

ALL WRITE Shop (올라이트) / @allwrite_shop / Blog post (w video, but at old location)

All Write is a stationery brand aimed for those who love to record and write. They have a variety of minimal design notebooks, notepads, postcards, washi tapes and stickers. I used their 1/4 Year Planners for years, and still have a stockpile of their washis and palm-sized notebooks that I carry around.

One More Bag (원모어백) / @onemorebagkr

Technically this might be a bag (purses, totes) store, but they have a great selection of local artists’ stationery. Everything from cute to minimal. They often also do pop-ups/exhibitions with different themes and creators. Definitely worth a visit if you’re visiting Gyeongbuk Palace.

Little Tempo Design Shop (리틀템포 디자인샵) / @little_tempo_shop

A cute and tiny little shop tucked in an alley a short walk from Gyeonbuk Palace. Carries original character-themed stationery and accessory items such as stickers, stamps, pouches, bags and more.

Hongdae / Yeonnam-dong / 홍대/연남동

Object (오브젝트) / @insideobject / Blog post / Video Tour

Stamp Mama (스탬프마마) / @stampmama_official / Blog post (w video)

Mazzzzy/Majji (마찌) / @mazzzzy.jpg / Blog post

mimidonut (미미도넛) / @mimidonut / Blog post

Subaco 3 (수바코 홍대점) / @_subaco3 /

Black Heart Pencil (작은 연필 가게 흑심) / @blackheart_pencil / Blog post / Video tour

Star Cat/Byeolnyang_e (별냥이제작소) / @byeolnyang_e / Blog post (w video)

May Store (오월상점 연남점) / @5maystore / Video tour

Beok (비옥) / / Video tour

Cat Frame Store (고양이가 있는 액자가게) / @yeonnam_cat_popart / Blog post (w video)

On Your Mind (온유어마인드) / @frd_chckn /

Yeonhui-dong / 연희동

One Third Store (by gongjang) / @greendesign_gongjang / @one_third_store / Blog post (w/video)

Rihoon Mansion (리훈맨션) / @rihoon_mansion

Your store for all things planners, diaries and journals. The brand has it’s own selection of six-ring binders and diaries of various styles with unique insert packs. Walls of stickers, memo pads, and washi tapes. They also boast a variety of different planners and memos for studying and goal-setting.

Mangwon-dong (near Mangwon Station) /망원동

Zero Per Zero (제로퍼제로) / @zeroperzero / Blog post

Warm Grey Tail (웜그레이테일) / @warmgreytail / Blog post