Vegan Mac and Cheese

This past month (read: year, nay years) I have been on the roller coaster ride of eating– eating clean for 2 weeks ish and losing some weight, only to fall off the wagon into the pit of delivery/eating out and gain it all right back. When I stepped on my “smart” scale this morning, the app asked me if I was a new user because my weight today was so far off (heavier) from what I checked in at last week. Come on scale software developer people, was that prompt really necessary??

Determined not to let my judgy-Mcjudgy-face appliances get the best of me,  I attempted a new recipe today in the name of healthy eating: vegan mac and cheese. I looked through a bunch of recipes and settled on this one because it didn’t use oil and did call for coconut milk and cashews, both of which i happened to have already.

vegan mac and cheese_ingredients
Vegan Mac and Cheese – the ingredients

Per usual, I just eyeballed the measurements and tried to roughly stick to the proportions. This is not because I am a master chef with magical instincts; I just don’t own measuring cups or spoons. That little plastic cup with the macaroni is about 8 oz, so I base everything off of that. I think I did one cup of carrots, 5/6 cup of onion, 2 cups potatoes, and whatever cashews I had left.

I also added peas because… vegetables. AND NOW EMART SELLS FROZEN VEGGIES AND THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER!!!  For so long I’ve lamented the lack of frozen veg in Korean groceries, but lament no longer!


frozen veggies
Frozen Veggies from E-Mart! THIS IS AMAZING!

I was very excited to see these babies in the Emart freezers. Like, finding out Reese’s Peanut Butter cups would be coming to Korea excited. May this post reach just one person who was also lamenting the lack of frozen veg. Lettuce partake in the veggie party together. 🙂

Conclusion: the vegan mac and cheese tasted nothing like cheese, but it was still good in its own right. Frozen veg are a god send.


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