Upcycled Captain Marvel postcard

Higher. Further. Faster.

I saw Captain Marvel today and loved it! It’s now definitely my favorite Marvel movie. Brie Larson as a strong female lead was amazing, I like a good backstory in my books and movies, and I’m old enough to appreciate the mid 90s soundtrack and references. Oh the Friday evening trips to Blockbuster, those were the days.

Korean movie theaters have these A4-sized publicity sheets set out in the lobby for the new releases . I wrote about them in my Real Player One post, which mysteriously disappeared. I still don’t know how or why (victim of the Thanos culling??) Anyway, they’re great for scrapbooking or collecting, and today I decided to use one to commemorate this awesome movie with a postcard.

The best part of the card is that the gold layer underneath is made of chocolate wrappers. Yes I save candy wrappers for a rainy day, don’t you? I am a crafter with thrifty (borderline hoarder) tendencies, and bits of shiny gold foil never go straight into trash can. The rays are supposed to be symbolically emanating from her fists. I hope that translates.

Cutting paper and upcycling things gives me flow

I actually took a few publicity sheets and have many more chocolate wrappers left, so I plan on playing around with more cut out designs. And I think this could be a sort of postcard series too, a way to record the movies I see in the theaters. Though that number’s dropped dramatically in recent years–this was the first of 2019 for me. Since I travel a lot, I usually just end up waiting to watch something on a plane.

Anyway. Higher. Further. Faster.

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