Autumn Vibes – Giant leaves in Seoul

It’s properly fall here in Seoul, and all the gorgeous colors have got me collaging again! Above is a rough little snip I made with painted papers I had prepared in the spring. How nice that the colors I made for spring blooms and vegetables worked for the fall as well.

I also edited a short little video of one of my fall walks and the behind-the-scenes of the collage making. I’ve boldly titled it “Seoul Studio Vlog” with the reasoning that since I don’t have a studio of my own, the whole city is my studio. In the video you might be able to spot my makeshift “standing desk” at home (a flat pack box set atop my laundry rack in my veranda). It’s a little more ghetto version of my Inktober setup.

Most of the clips in the video were of the leaves still on the trees, so I thought I’d add some photos of the ground scenery.

Today. A little fire after the rain.

When I first came to Seoul, I was so impressed by these huge maple leaves. They don’t make ’em this big where I come from. I remember taking photos of them with my shoe for reference back then, and ten years later I’m doing the same thing. (Seriously though, are the maple leaves this big in your country?)

Maple leaf or shoe blanket??

Finally, on Monday I received two pieces of snail mail from RAOC penpals. Both were coincidentally bird-themed, and I appreciated them very much. I was especially surprised and delighted to see the handmade one was inspired by one of my Inktober doodles!

My Inktober bird doodles

I felt very flattered that one of my doodles inspired someone to create their own, and it was just the oomph and motivation I needed to start creating again. I may not be making commercial-level work yet, but it felt nice to know my work meant something to someone else.

Have a nice day!


  1. Lovely! She speaks! You’re very good at video editing. What program do you use? Video is definitely the way to go, but I’ve never really done any.

    The postcards are so nice as well, and all the gorgeous snaps of fall weather. I miss seasons as we don’t get much of them in Thailand. At least not where I’m at.

    Very satisfying post to watch and read along to. 🙂

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    1. She also SMILES at your thoughtful comment! I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro (but an old version) and have been teaching myself as I go along. If you have a mac I know a lot of people use Final Cut Pro as well. You should try video if you have time–so far I’ve enjoyed documenting and sharing bits of my life. And yes, seasons. I’ve always lived in areas that have all 4 seasons and hope to continue to do so… until my arthritic joints can’t take the cold anymore. Thanks for reading and watching–I hope to get around to editing a Bangkok-themed video soon too 😁

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      1. Thanks for the good information. I don’t know if I’ll get around to videos but there are times I wish I had the skillz for a quick one during that one off when I want to.

        Bangkok (!), sounds good!


  2. So lovely to hear your voice! 😄 And I love this video too – the colours of your trees are just amazing! And the maple leaves are gigantic!! The things I could do with them when working with clay! 😄

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      1. Not really, autumn usually isn’t Berlin’s most attractive side. 😉 It’s mostly gray and rainy, and too cold to stay longer outside than an hour or two. 😀 And our leaves are nowhere near as colorful as yours!! ❤

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