Korean Soybean Paste Soup

Tonight I diverged from the vegan cooking adventures and attempted traditional Korean soybean paste soup. Korean soup stocks usually have anchovies or other seafood so even if the soup itself is meat-free, it’s not strictly vegetarian. The basic stock is dashima (kelp) and anchovies, but I had these ready-to-go soup stock sachets with anchovies, kelp, shrimp, green onion, shiitake mushrooms, radish, and onion.

Korean Soybean Paste Soup_stock sachet
Soup stock
Korean Soybean Paste Soup_Chopped
Veggies chopped up

You can add meat, seafood, or different veggies to the soup. This time I added onion, zucchini, mushrooms, tofu, and potatoes (not pictured).

The recipes I referenced also called for green onion and red pepper flakes, which I didn’t have so I only used the soybean paste and some minced garlic for flavor. It did end up a little on the bland side (I also think I had too much water) but was still yummy. Especially with a warm bowl of rice and a side of the veggie burgers from last week. 🙂

Korean Soybean Paste Soup_meal
The meal

I’ll reheat the leftovers tomorrow with some more soybean paste to add flavor. Also coming up this week: good ol’ tomato soup! Onward and upward!

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