Thrifty DIY Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Yesterday  I somehow fell into the YouTube rabbit hole of Laika and Aardman Studio stop motion animation, incredible hand puppet vlogs and music videos, Totoro cosplay and various Adam Savage Tested videos.  Seeing all the cute puppets, sets, and people so passionate and excited about their work/projects made me want to create something.

Fast forward to this morning when I was cleaning out my desk. I found these Star Wars-themed chocolate coin wrappers I had carefully saved from whoknowswhen. I used to be crafty when I was young, and I’ve always been thrifty and a bit of hoarder (but an organized hoarder!). These chocolate wrappers are just the sort of thing I would save for a rainy day.  So I got out my ribbon box (box of ribbons from packages and gift boxes to reuse–did I mention I’m a thrifty hoarder?) and rummaged through my desk to see what else I could use. I ended up with an additional bag of rhinestones and three bells.

My goal was to try to make some Christmas ornaments with what I had on hand, and I almost succeeded. I was going to string the ornaments with ribbon and some sparkly twist-ties I found in my ribbon box, but it turned out I only had a glue stick in the way of adhesives. While I  was at the store to buy craft glue, I ended up also picking up a pack of festive-looking red-and-white string for 1,000 KRW (less than a buck). While I liked the idea of super thrifty, twist-tie ornaments, I’m glad I went with the string.

It was actually quite fun to plan the ornaments and much thought went into how to pair the odd number of characters on hand: You’ve got your obvious Leia/Darth combo, but could also make a case for Leia/R2. R2/C3PO is classic, but so is Chewy/C3PO. And even Chewy/Yoda. And then there were the color considerations–to contrast or match, that is the question.

It was also nice to stretch out my creaky, creative muscles and improvise throughout the process. For example, I had planned to bejewel the edges of all the coins, but I accidentally smushed the Darth/Stormtrooper and C3PO/R2D2 coins too flat for optimal edge bedazzling. Fortunately, I had the best eureka moment when I realized I could run the string along the coin’s edge to hide the space where the two sides were glued together.


As with my attempts at cooking, I deliberated today on whether to share this little project. Every time I think about writing a blog post, I ask myself if this is worth sharing with world. Does this writing/photo/post add something to the world of the Internet? This line of thinking was especially prevalent with the recent cooking posts–there are a million food blogs that have actual recipes that actually taste good… and professional-looking photos to boot. Every time I write something up, I have to fight the urge to hide it away because the photos look so amateur, the writing sounds boring and the topic, silly.

But I have to remember this blog is supposed to be for me. One of the reasons I started it was to encourage myself to write more and be more creative, and to document the journey. And if it ends up contributing to the Internet, then that’s a bonus. So here you go world: here are some super thrifty and upcycled, very handmade, Star Wars Christmas ornaments from chocolate coin wrappers. Made for less than a dollar. At the very least, I’m pretty sure this is unique.

P.S. My favorite is the Leia ornament. I had a bit gold ribbon that had unraveled into that neat little medieval painting halo/crown-like fringe. Then another eureka moment to attach TWO bells on either side of the medallion, a la her iconic hairdo. I’m glad I kept the twist-tie for the hook/loop.

Days later edit: I also really like Darth with a Christmas bow (which I tied so prettily following a YouTube tutorial from a ribbon that I actually ironed out. Major craft commitment there). Anyway, this one makes me smile. In retrospect though I kinda wish I had done Leia and Darth in a matching style.



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