Korean Egg Rolls – Gyeran mari

Last night as I took stock of my fridge and pantry, I was hit with the inspiration to make  gyeran mari: literally “egg roll” in Korean, basically a Korean omelette. A quick search for recipes confirmed I indeed could make them with what I had on hand, and I went to bed excited to try a new dish.

If you can dice vegetables and cook an egg, you can make this. I had carrots, green onion and onions, but I’ve seen recipes with ham or bacon, cheese, or zucchini. I beat two eggs in a bowl, added a handful of the diced vegetables, and poured the mixture into a pan coated with oil. Sprinkled a pinch of salt and pepper on top. Once the underside of the egg looked nicely browned, I folded it up like a tri-fold brochure and cooked the top and either side. I let it cool for a bit before I sliced it up into easy, chopstickable bite-size pieces.

I think proper gyeran mari uses more egg and also should be folded more than twice, like actually rolled, but I had too much veg to egg in my mixture and was working with a pretty small pan. This cool recipe (in Korean but plenty of self-explanatory pictures) shows how you can do the whites and yolk separately to make a color-contrasted one.

I ended up dicing the rest of my carrots and onions to use for fried rice, but I think I want to go a step further and try omurice (omelette-rice) tomorrow!

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