Daisy family postcard – painted paper collage

“Don’t you think daisies are the friendlies flower?”

– You’ve Got Mail

My daily postcard project has encouraged me to venture into new arts and crafts terrain; in addition to watercolor I have dabbled in carving rubber stamps and yesterday I tried my hand at painted paper collages, as inspired by Clover Robin and her book, Cut Paper Pictures. When I came across her Instagram, my heart gave a little leap at the loveliness. I think I’ve met my heart’s art. I used to love collaging with old magazines when I was younger, and the element of painted papers was an extra touch I didn’t know I needed.

Yesterday, armed with my newly purchased 12 set of acrylics from Daiso, I tried out this method of painted paper collage, on a postcard-sized canvas of course. Midway through snipping all the individual petals I almost quit because it was so time consuming, but I carried on, resolving to snip something a little less intricate next time. Of course, many petals later after I was all finished I looked back through the book and saw Clover Robin’s much easier interpretation of the daisy.

Lessons learned:

  • Take breaks!
  • Draw up a rough draft beforehand! (This is a common theme for my projects, I tend to jump into things without planning.)
  • Patience and forgiveness. This is not still life drawing, the petals don’t have to be life-like. Be more forgiving with cut mistakes and weird shapes.

I am still excited though. Much like with my last (and still ongoing) phase with carving stamps, I find myself constantly brainstorming on and seeking inspiration for what I can make into a cut paper collage.


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