DIY Thrifty Blackout Curtain

My place in Seoul has this nice, wide veranda (enclosed porch-type space for the laundry rack, boiler, washing machine, storage), but it’s too wide to hang a normal curtain rod. The exterior windows are frosted, but a lot of light still comes in at night. There is a pipe running along the ceiling of the veranda (outside the bedroom), so I jerryrigged half a blackout curtain with a lightweight black sheet I found and an old sketchbook spring. I waited to find something light enough to hang off this pipe as normal curtains would have been too heavy. I was actually quite proud of the curtain rings I upcycled; by mainupulating about “2 loops worth” of the binder spring you can make these hookable rings.

It’s only covers half my window, but it’s better than nothing. In general I am pretty terrible about getting sleep, so this year I am really trying to improve my sleep quality. To that end, blackout curtain… (half) check!

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