Creatively Productive Easter day

Woven Easter Egg Basket

I woke up early this Easter morning with the idea to collage an Easter egg basket. But then I remembered Peeps and suddenly had the urge to cut out those cute little marshmallow chicks. Luckily, I had some painted papers that would match for some brightly colored peeps, so cut I did.

After warming up with some peep cutouts, I moved on to the basket, which was completed fairly quickly since I had a clear idea of what I wanted to make from the start. As I was cleaning up, all the little eggs that didn’t make the cut were just too cute to go to waste, so I just glued them in all their lumpy glory onto a card. Which then also inspired the black, scenic Easter egg mashup card. Something about the sky, with its majestic heavens-like clouds, said “Easter” to me.

Easter Creations Roundup

All in all, a very productive and fulfilling creative day! And to those celebrating, happy Easter!

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