Korean street food and cute creativity

So I wanted to make series of postcards introducing Korean foods, starting with a street food that I was late to the game to discover: so-dduk, short for sausage and rice cake. The postcard is fairly self explanatory.

After I finished the so-dduk postcard, I had some extra mini sausage and rice cake cutouts that didn’t make the cut just laying around, so I drew some faces on them. As one does. And then they started dancing the Floss. And then one of the sketches reminded me of Thriller, and it became a whole thing.

The sketches from the rice cakes dancing Thriller were too cute, so I “filmed” them dancing a Thriller tutorial. As one does. (When one does not yet know how to animate.)

Rice cakes love Michael Jackson
Sketches and postcards of dancing rice cakes.

And thus, these little rice cake characters, yet to be named, were born. So far they like to dance (they’re practicing their moonwalk), reenact scenes from favorite movies, and dress up in cosplay, so stay tuned!

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