Toy Story 4 and my Analog Soul

This morning I went to see Toy Story 4. It was lovely and heartwarming as all Toy Stories are. No spoilers, but a tear or two may have been shed near the end.

Since I was young lamb (hehe) I’ve kept a little scrapbook of the ticket stubs with mini reviews of the movies I saw in theaters. When the latest installment of a series like this comes out, it’s fun to revisit what I wrote for the previous movies. Looking back my Toy Story entries are pretty basic, which might be a good thing as I was a bit of a precocious kid in the year 99 and a more detailed review like I wrote for other movies at the time would be too embarrassing to share. Was surprised to see from my Toy Story 2 entry that the term “lol” was around 20 years ago.

Like I wrote in my “stub review,” I can still remember how groundbreaking the first Toy Story was and the awe I felt at the computer animation. I was the perfect age for it when it came out. (But the beauty of Toy Story is it’s ageless–clearly am enjoying these movies 20 years later.) Obviously the technology has come a long way–the detail on the fluff and fur in the plushies and the cat in this movie was amazing. But graphics and movie magic aside, the stories have always had a good heart, right from the very first movie.

Thank you, Toy Story. You’ve been a good friend.

As for the ticket stub scrapbook, I’m on my third “Book of Stubs” and my little analog soul will continue to insist on some form of paper ticket over in-app tickets until either the book is full or the robots have taken over and movie tickets are no more and we all watch movies through VR contact lenses embedded in our eyeballs. Until then, analog souls unite!

Book of Stubs III is big and full of pages, I’ll be filling this one out for a while.

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