More Korean Stationery – ALL WRITE Shop (Sinchon Seoul)

EDIT: This shop is currently closed as it is moving locations.

Back in April I visited ALL WRITE, a stationery store I had been following on Instagram for a while. Thanks to my handy doodle calendar from the month, I can confirm the visit happened on April 22!

The little note I wrote that day reminds me I was really inspired by the shop and the owner. This was when I was just getting into my creative pursuits and I loved the idea of creating all these different products by graphic design, illustration and photography. And I loved the idea of a physical space/store to share things I made with others.

This was also before my stationery craze kicked in, so that first visit I only got three film photography postcards, which are still hanging on my door.

Since then, I have fully embraced my stationery obsession, from notepads to stickers to washi and more. I had been eyeing the 1/4 Year Diary on the brand’s Instagram for some time, and so with October approaching (the last quarter of 2019!) I thought I would treat myself to a visit back.

ALL WRITE, a lovely stationery store nestled in a nondescript alley
A darling cabinet of film photography and graphic design themed washi tape!
Oh how productive I could be with these notepads!
Be still, my paper-loving, record-keeping heart!

And as you can see the product design is so classic and simple and minimal and muted. I feel like I could become a classy and minimalist person if I used these notepads. (I know, buying more things and becoming a minimalist don’t belong in the same sentence.)

This visit I picked up a 1/4 Year Diary, the book set of washi tape, and To Do memo pad

The website says it’s a brand for those who like to record things, which fits me to a T. With my time in this city and country nearing its conclusion (?), I have been trying to document and record things more. In the spirit of journaling, and fueling my stationery obsession, last month I started a Korean-style decorated diary, filled with super colorful and cute stickers and stationery. Basically the polar opposite of ALL WRITE’s aesthetic. What can I say? The Korean stationery universe is diverse and I embrace it all! Stay tuned as I continue my SEOUL STATIONERY eXPEDITIONS.

At the time of this post (September 2019) the shop was only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6. Check the brand’s instagram and website/online store for the most recent hours.

ALL WRITE is located a bit of a walk from Sinchon Station, Exit 7 (Google map)

  • Take Exit 7 from Sinchon Station
  • Veer right around the corner and walk 322 meters (just past the overhead bridge and railway park)
  • Turn right in the alley in front of the Paris Baguette
  • Walk 144 meters and ALL WRITE is on your right, all right?

Blog post about my trip to other stationery stores in Mangwon-dong

Check out a short video of the shop AND see a flip through of my 1/4 Year Diary 2 months later:


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