Friday Night Writes

For months now I’ve been meaning to start posting weekly on my blog under the theme of “Friday Night Writes,” a riff off of the show Friday Night Lights. There’s absolutely no connection to the TV show other than the title, the idea is just to publish something weekly. Problem was my writing muscles have atrophied pitifully due to lack of use, and I just didn’t know what to write. More truthfully, I didn’t know if the little seedlings of blog post ideas were worth writing about. And I never found out, since I never fleshed them out. That went on and on for months, actually years.

But somehow it’s Friday again, so I’m forcing myself to sit down and write something, anything. AND hit publish. To ease into this hopefully new habit, today I’ll share a share a list of some cool things I’ve discovered in recent months.

Favorite Finds

  • Bode – I first found out about this fashion brand last year when RM posted a photo of some fabric fish ornaments on his Instagram. They caught my eye because one, I love fish motifs, and two, they were made from vintage textiles. I enjoy looking through their collection to draw inspiration from their fabric patterns and clothes when I don’t know what to draw. Also enjoyed this video interview with the designer and her husband on their home, part of Vogue’s Objects of Affection series.
  • Hudson Valley Seed Co. – I haven’t actually ordered seeds from this company (I’m not a gardener…. yet!), but thought it was cool they commission artists from various mediums to design their seed packets. I’d love to build up an art practice and portfolio one day to apply for their call for art.
  • Brown cheese – Or Brunost in Norwegian, which I learned recently is not actually cheese, but a cheese-related product made from the whey leftover after making cheese. Wikipedia says it’s primarily made in Norway, and popular in Sweden and South Korea. This seems to check out as many of my friends in Korea have either tried it or know of it, whereas none of my US friends have. The cheese is really creamy and has what’s described as a caramelly taste, but I think it tastes like peanut butter. (It’s good though, trust me!) Brown cheese, arugula, apple slices, crushed nuts and honey on a sandwich is one of my favorite sammies to make.
  • 500 Colored Pencils – My friend shared the link to these colored pencils with me yesterday and I fell in love with the naming of their colors. How can you not smile at the names: Cinderella’s Curfew, Lightning Strikes, or New Bike ?

That’s it for today. Have you heard of brown cheese before? If you can find it, I highly recommend it in the sandwich combo mentioned above! Happy weekend, friends.


  1. I love this idea. I want to do it, too, but I fear it would just be a dumping ground for my end-of-the-work-week frustrations. 😛

    I, too, love fish motifs.

    Welcome back? 😀


  2. Interesting that brunost is popular in Korea. I have eaten it with the Norwegian diaspora in Australia, but I am not such a big fan, myself. Although I do like almost all other Norwegian food!


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