Years ago I came up with the acronym WIWAN, short for What I’m Worried About Now. It was a tag I added to entries in my notes app where I would jot down things I found myself worrying about. Like 90% of all worries, when I look back through that tag, everything I wrote about either didn’t come to fruition, were resolved, or just doesn’t matter at all now.

Last night I found out one of my recent WIWAN scenarios actually had happened. There was literally nothing I could do about it at the moment, I could only wait until this morning to speak to someone about next steps. Still, my brain kept rehashing what I could’ve done to prevent it, what other people involved should have done to avoid it, and on and on. My mom, seeing me getting more and more coiled up in something I had no control over, commanded me to take a walk and get fresh oxygen into my lungs. I eventually did go outside, and it helped. Nothing about situation changed of course, but I felt less stressed. Came back in, wrote down a list of to-dos for possible follow-up scenarios, and tried to tell myself it would be fine as I fell asleep.

Bright and early this morning, I made a phone call and in about thirty minutes was guided to a solution to the situation. I followed that up with an email, and I believe it’s resolved now. All that stewing last night was for naught. Afterwards my reaction was relief mixed with partial disbelief, especially since I had done all that war room style brainstorming, none of which was necessary.

So tonight, on this night of Friday Night Writes, I think it is time let go of my addiction to WIWAN writing. Granted sometimes you need to get some of those sticky worries out of your head and onto paper. I don’t think I can completely let that habit go, but I can at least pair it with the possibility of positive outcomes. Instead of what could go wrong, WCGR – What Could Go Right. Or maybe WWGR – What Will Go Right. Until now I’ve never stuck with an affirmation or manifestation practice, but I really do want to try. I want to train my brain away from the doomsday scenarios and towards all the good and blessed and expansive possibilities.

So here’s to all the ways things could go right. I’m here and open for it. Also, when in doubt, take a walk.

(Friday Night Writes #2)

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  1. Good for you. I had a similar moment recently where I wondered if coming home from work and rehashing the day with my husband was such a hot idea. In some ways, it’s natural and it’s good to get it out, etc. But in other ways, I’m just extending my workday stress, you know?


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