June Doodle Calendar + The Changing Seasons

June was another busy and creative month, nicely broken up with a short bit of travel.

Some memorable moments included:

  • June 3 – Dropped off some of my Veggie Soup stickers at a local independent bookstore. Felt very happy and honored to have my humble creations displayed alongside postcards by actual illustrators.
  • June 4 – Last minute lunch with my bestie at Incheon airport. Her plane was delayed so she had to stay the night, and I went out to the airport before she returned to Japan for 2 hours of best friend time.
  • June 9 – Officially finishing my self-published book, Love Dad.
  • June 10 to 11 – Trip to Cambodia and Singapore.
  • June 20 Saw a celebrity (Jung Woo-sung) at the Seoul International Book Fair
  • June 24 – Saw the original illustrations of Valerio Vitali for the book, Hundred, What you Learn in a Lifetime (the Korean is already out, apparently the English version will be released in the fall)
  • June 27 – Printing more of my postcards to sell and share
  • June 29 – Being in the right time to see the the US President’s motorcade go by (Politics aside, it was an interesting experience)

I think the most exciting thing from this month was delving more into the production side of my art. Printing and paper things are fairly inexpensive here (thank you culture of studying and of creative people) so I had a go at printing my postcards. It was just a nice feeling to hold the prints in my hands and imagine them being shared with people other than the person I originally made them for. I also had some fun making short stop motion animations for the summer umbrellas (and another here) and popsicle party postcards. They were super fun and I plan to do more of these. And now that I’ve printed a round of my art from the spring, I’m looking forward to creating more original art this summer.

Su at Zimmerbitch is hosting The Changing Seasons challenge. Definitely check it out and see how other creative and talented people around the world have spent their month.


  1. Looks like a busy, creative month. I love your animation, and that you are getting out and printing your work so it will be seen by more people. Fantastic!


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