Kites and Wind

Once again, the Ragtag Daily Prompt aligned nicely with what I had been planning to create. Earlier this week I had drawn, colored and cut out these kites to film a little animation inspired by my writer friend Kangjak’s story about flying a kite. Then procrastination kicked in for the rest of the week until I saw today’s prompt: WIND. It was a sign! It was time to put these kites up in the sky.

Kites – Stop motion paper animation

Does this make anyone else want to fly a kite? “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights…”

Kites and wind also brings to mind Mary Poppins. When I was little I had a recorded VHS copy of the movie, but the entire movie wasn’t recorded. So my copy of Mary Poppins ended as Mr. Banks walks alone back to the bank to apologize for Michael, all bleak and depressing. My whole childhood I thought that was how Mary Poppins ended. Only when I was an adult did I see the entire movie and learn about this happy ending with everyone flying kites at the park.

Anyway, this is my longest animation yet, and it was the first where I tried to align some of the movements with the music. I also checked out some cameras at the store today because if I’m going to keep up this newfound interest (and I’d like to), I can’t keep filming on my phone. The question is, how much can I justify spending on a hobby? (Considering my ever growing art materials wish list as well.) Ponder ponder…


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