Les Codomas by Matisse (stop motion animation)

I have been dabbling in very amateur stop motion animation lately. No software, no special editing programs. Just me, my smartphone, a very wobbly goose-neck phone holder, and my imagination. And windows movie maker.

This stop motion was inspired by a card from the MOMA I received for Random Acts of Cards. I’ve loved Matisse cutouts since I was a child (come to think of it I guess I’ve always been drawn to paper cutting crafts!) so I requested it as soon as I saw the offer.

Les Codomas, Jazz 1947 by Henri Matisse from the MOMA

The Codoma brothers were a famous trapeze act. You can see the two figures in yellow flying, and the black and yellow safety net below them. As soon as I learned this information, immediately my imagination took flight, and so did the shapes on the card. I knew I wanted to animate it.

Below is the result. As I said, I’m still playing around so it’s a bit rough (and not exactly how I imagined it), but I had a lot of fun making it. It is my longest animation to date. I hope you enjoy!

Stop motion starts at 1:00 mark

Also a little peek behind the scenes

All the photos for the Matisse stop motion.

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